How to Beat the Winter With Your Smart Home

The vacations are over, and now, for a number of us, we’re stuck in the midst of the cold, dark winter. If you live in a colder environment, this means several more months of ice, snow, ripping winds, freezing temperature levels and the works. If you’re feeling a post-holiday depression this time of year, you’re definitely not the only one.


However what can you do to bring yourself out of a funk? While some people take pleasure in the snow and colder weather, for many, this can be a treacherous time – after all, we can only take many hours caged within, ridden with cabin fever. With decreasing temperatures, darker days, ice and snow, it’s hard not to let the seasonal weather condition get you down.


However, never fear! Now’s the best time to take action against the dreadful winter season depression and beat those winter blues through the power of technology. Here’s some useful tips you can utilize to turn that frown upside down this winter season – all from the power of your smart home. Check this out if your a readers and in a rush for a heater repair.


Visual Therapy


Throughout the chillier, darker months, many individuals develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a symptom of experiencing lower levels of sunshine. Some people find themselves experiencing a state of mind modifications or sleep conditions when deprived of natural in the winter season time. That being stated, there are strategies to fight this condition through the power of innovation.


One way to ameliorate seasonal unhappiness is to merely opt for various lighting. While seasonal depression lamps like this Aura Day Light Therapy lamp can be really helpful. Its timer sets it off automatically when you’ve taken in enough. This way, you can save cash, energy and the environment without even attempting. You can take things to the next level, utilizing clever devices to lighten up things up when you’re feeling glum.


You can try smart lighting choices like the Philips Hue LED lights, smart lights you can adjust the lighting in your house to simulate that of the sun. You can hook it up to your mobile phone or tablet to quickly control the shade of your office or space altogether, to accomplish a more pleasant atmosphere. It’s an easy method to increase your mood, joy and productivity with the touch of a button.

Keep it Toasty.


With frightening weather outside, it’s the ideal time to snuggle up and get comfortable in your home. You don’t desire your heating costs to be out of control this season, however there’s absolutely nothing worse than coming home to a freezing cold home and waiting hours for things to heat up.


That’s where smart thermostats been available in! With smart thermostats such as the Nest, you can change the temperature level of any space without even housing. If you’re stuck in traffic, for example, you can turn it on immediately, so that your house is nice and toasty upon your arrival.


Cozy Up to Your Favorite Shows.


With ruthless conditions outside, you’re probably dreading stepping foot outside your house for the next few months. Why not make the most of the undesirable weather? Now’s the ideal time to get caught up on all the Netflix reveals you’ve been suggesting to view however have not navigated to.


It’s a breeze to turn your simple residence into binge watching paradise with your clever home device. Illuminate a fire, show up your clever thermostat and prepare yourself to binge on all the programs and motion pictures you can to your heart’s content. With streaming gadgets such as the Chromecast or Apple TELEVISION, you can enjoy all your favorites any way you like. Not to mention, Puls also provides TV mounting services, if you choose to binge on a mounted TELEVISION for the ultimate viewing experience.


Jam Out to Feel-Good Music.


There’s absolutely nothing like the power of music to turn your state of mind around! Playing some of your favorite jams at home is the ideal solution to help fight your winter funk. Puls can help you in establishing your wise house and clever speakers for endless enjoyable and home entertainment throughout the house. With the power of voice command, it’s never been much easier to rock out.


Whether you’re trying to find some musical motivation, relaxation, or a morning pick-me-up, your smart home gadgets have the power to quickly change your mood. Sync up your Google Home or Amazon Echo to music streaming choices like Spotify or Pandora. You can listen on your TELEVISION or clever speakers and enjoy your preferred sounds from anywhere you want. It’s time to go after those winter blues away and let the great times roll.

Visit with Loved Ones, Physically and Virtually.


Another optimum method to combat the winter blues – taking pleasure in the company of those you enjoy – can make a world of a distinction in these darker months. Hanging out with those who matter most is a fantastic way to ward off those winter blues. However, if you find yourself physically far from those you love, there’s absolutely nothing a little technology can’t repair!


Call your enjoyed ones via voice command, and effortlessly keep in touch with those you appreciate anytime, anywhere with your smart house devices. You can easily communicate through video calls on various wise devices, such as the Amazon Echo Show, Google’s brand-new smart displays and more. By doing this, you’ll seem like you’re together, without having to physically be together, all winter long.


Puls is There When Winter Takes its Toll.


Puls lighting wise homeThroughout 2017 we saw the rise of the wise house – all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to make your life easier, from lighting to security to entertainment and more. Whether you got a smart house device as a gift, or you treated yourself, there’s no time at all like the present to get it up and running. Chasing those winter blues away is a lot easier when you’ve got the tools to do so.


So why not make things easier on yourself and let Plus do the work for you? We’ll be at your door, rain or shine – and in the cold and the snow – to help you in establishing almost any innovation around your home. So if you’re looking to merely warm things up or fend off the seasonal blues this cold winter season, count on Puls to assist you do so by setting up your clever home anytime, anywhere.

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