Are Smart Homes Getting Smarter?

Are Smart Homes Getting Smarter

Are smart homes getting smarter?  The answer to that is a pretty emphatic yes.  Today you can control almost every aspect of your home including lights, the temperature, and security systems.  But if you don’t currently own a smart home or you’re looking to make some upgrades let’s show you how you can make your home smarter without completely rewiring it.

Add a Voice Controlled Device

It used to be that voice controlled devices would only let you play music, not anymore.  Alexa by Amazon or Google Home can let you do so much more.  They are like having a personal assistant on hand.  They can handle things like your lights, directions, shopping and so much more.  It is almost like having your own personal Jarvis.

Get Smart Security

For years now you have been able to connect your home security systems to your smart phones, allowing you to know if your security has been breached or giving you the ability to tap into your camera systems.  It has gotten better since then, with a smart doorbell you can answer your door even when you aren’t there.  Expecting a package but you’re stuck at work, no problem, you can converse with the delivery driver and open the door if you choose.  This will also allow you to make sure that your kids have arrived home from school safely.  Smart security gives you full control over your home security no matter where you are.

Smart Lighting

A huge portion of your electric bill is the cost of running your lights, but if you add sensors and dimmer along with wireless control you can save a good chunk each month.  You can automate when your lights come off and on depending on your schedule.  You can add in motion sensors around the home and if you forget to turn the lights off you can do it from your smartphone anywhere.

Make Sure Your Router is Secure

All of these upgrades to your home make it more secure, affordable and efficient but none of that will matter if someone can hack into your router.  Your router is one of the weakest spots in your home security so make it strong enough to keep unwanted intruders out.  Start by changing and making a complicated password, use one that has combination of letters, numbers and characters.  You want it to be as difficult as possible to crack.  Make sure that you update any and all security software that will help you keep out new threats.

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